Case Study: From Paperwork to Progress

Introduction: ITS Dental college

ITS Dental College, Hospital & Research Centre is situated in an Institutional Area (Knowledge Park III) of Greater Noida, U.P. ITS Dental College is well known as the best dental college in India.

The college is a self-financed institution, recognized by the Dental Council of India, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, and is affiliated to Ch. Charan Singh University, Meerut.

ITS - The Education Group is the fastest-growing educational group in Northern India. Since its inception in 1995, the ITS Group has consistently built on its reputation as a premier group of professional institutions of Management, IT, Engineering, Dental Sciences, Paramedical Sciences, and Pharmacy.



Before joining Tenwave, ITS Dental College faced lots of problems, like Managing admissions, appointments, scheduling, fees, student records, patient care, inventory, and so on, because they record all data on paper, so finding records is too complex and time-consuming.

After facing these problems, they finally connect with us and describe their problems. Then we introduce our product, ORION - Dental College Management Software, and explain how our software streamlines their process and why they chose us.


Game-Changing Moment - 2012

From Paperwork to Progress: How ORION Boosted Efficiency at ITS Dental College

The journey started in mid-2012; ITS Dental College selected Tenwave as an IT technology partner to fulfill their vision to become a paperless institute. After that, they have not looked back; the ORION as a product helps to achieve patient satisfaction, which is reflected in a 200% revenue increase.

Efficiency in operation also increased due to multiple checks, balances, and SOPs introduced with the help of ORION. User satisfaction levels also increased because their performance and hard work are now visible in the monthly reviews.


Key benefits of ORION:

  • Increased productivity and staff efficiency 
  • Enhanced patient satisfaction
  • Cost savings
  • Student Registration
  • Scheduling an appointment
  • Tracking financial information
  • Teaching
  • Manage patient care


One Decade Partner

It's completed over a decade and ITS Dental College never faces any issues and runs smoothly in ORION. Because of our software features that no other agency offers. We provide best software consultancy to rectify all problems quickly 

ORION is a helpful tool for dental colleges. It automates many tasks currently performed manually. ORION can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of dental colleges.


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