ETHER - Hospital Management System | HMS/HIM Software Solutions

ETHER - Hospital Management System | HMS/HIM Software Solutions

Streamline Hospital Workflow with Hospital Management System | HMS Software

ETHER is a Hospital Management System (HMS/HIS) complete SaaS-based Software - A Multipurpose Healthcare Solution, facilitates medical institutions with complete hospital automation, patient identification & the hospital records are barcode enabled with an SMS e-mail based alert management.
The authentications and verification of entries carried out through the Audit Trial facility. With improved tractability and decreased human intervention, the solution promises easy query handling for instant decision of bed allocation and request for bed transfers.
Additionally, HMS/HIS software solution provides a graphical representation of management information reports and data for top management for analysis. Eliminating information silos and encouraging interdepartmental communication, ETHER offers a single window with a holistic view to locate patient billing, discharge details collection, patient medical history, clinical notes on the patient that can be referred to in the future, OT details and so on.



Solution Highlights

Increase profitability

Increase profitability

ETHER HMS Software Solution Control revenue pilferage at every department therefore increasing profitability.
Management Reports

Management Reports

Critical management reports like collection, material usage etc always available and accessible to the management.

Reduce delivery costs

Reduce delivery costs

Reduce healthcare delivery costs by digitalizing entire hospital with ETHER - HMS/HIS Software.
Increase Patients Engagement

Increase Patients Engagement

Patient Portal & SMS Management builds customer engagement and increases footfall.

Minimize human intervention

Minimize human intervention

Minimize human intervention thereby streamlining hospital processes.

Up-to-date bed management

Up-to-date bed management


Hospital Management System Software (HMS)

or HIS software give Up-to-date bed management and discharge procedures that reduces patient wait-time.


HL7 and Dicom Interface


Bar code and RFID enabled

Web based, No Client required

Cloud Ready

Mobile and Tablet Friendly

Business Impact

Improve Patient Satisfaction

Improve Patient Satisfaction

Result increase footfall collection

Help in Performance Monitoring

Help in Performance Monitoring

Easily Identify the improvement area

Revenue Management

Revenue Management

Increased your Revenue


Patient Management
  • Front Office and Appointment Management
  • OPD & In Door Paitent Management
  • Nursing Station & word management
  • Patient Billing TPA /Corporate /Credit Billing
  • Emergency and Ambulatory Care
Hospital Administration
  • Personnel and payroll
  • Security & Administration
  • HR Management
  • Equipment Management
  • Facilities Management
  • Central Store
Ancillary Services
  • Housekeeping & laundry
  • Diet & Kitchen
  • Ambulatory Management
Clinical Support
  • Doctor Consultation
  • Radiology Information System
  • Laboratory Information System
  • OT Management
  • CSSD
  • Blood Bank
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Laboratory Instruments
  • Imaging Equipments
  • Biometric Devices
  • Attendance Recording Devices
  • Bar-code & RFID
  • Smart Cards
  • Payment Gateways
  • Other Healthcare System
Decision Support
  • Management Information System
  • Clinical Decision Support System
  • Case-mix Management
  • Clinical Pathways
  • Outcome Management
  • Drug Formulary Management
  • Business Intelligence
Financial Accounting
  • Accounts Payable / Receivable
  • Inventory Management
  • Fixed Assest Accountion
  • General Ledger
  • Cost Center Accounting
  • Budgeting
  • Financial Accounting
  • Doctors Accounting

What Makes TENWAVE One Of The Best Hospital Management Software Development Company In India

Being in the healthcare industry for over a decade we understand all scenario about healthcare industry thats why we build all in one solution ETHER.

Ether is a modern, efficient and cost-effective hospital information software that provides targeted, actionable and detailed data. Tenwave Infotech is a one-stop solution that can be customized and integrated to any healthcare or hospital facility. It offers the latest in healthcare solutions for patients. ETHER HMS facilitates the seamless connection to every one of your systems, such as LIS, PACS, and EMR.

ETHER HMS software is designed to improve the quality of patient care, enhance hospital efficiency, and reduce healthcare costs and that makes Tenwave #1 HMS development company in India.




Q1. What is Hospital Management System?

A hospital management system (HMS) is a software application that helps manage all aspects of hospital operations, including patient registration, appointment scheduling, billing, pharmacy management, laboratory management, and medical record management.


Q2. How does HMS help to streamline Hospital Workflow?

HMS helps hospitals streamline their administrative processes by automating routine tasks, centralizing data management, reducing errors, reducing delays, and improving overall hospital management efficiency.


Q3. What are the benefits of using HMS in a hospital?

HMS can help hospitals improve patient care, reduce errors, minimize delays, and improve resource utilization by automating routine tasks and centralizing data management.


Q4. How does HMS help to improve patient care?

HMS helps improve patient care by facilitating efficient data exchange among healthcare professionals, reducing errors in diagnosis and treatment, and improving the accuracy and accessibility of patient medical records.


Q5. How long do I get support?

HMS Software support is available as long as you have a valid software license. This is completely open-source software.