NEON - Oncology EMR Software

NEON- Onclology is the

specialized EMR software

designed to promote an analytical and evaluative approach to patient care, allowing providers to administer chemotherapy and to critically assess, plan and implement individualized care. NEON offers all of the aspects of a practice management, consultation and report writing software, along with modules for initial consultations, Cancer staging, chemotherapy, chemotherapy order sets, radiation therapy, palliative care and recall management. NEON is framework based application, which can be customized or designed to meet the requirements and demands of your hospital or practice. 

  • Patient Detail
  • Patient Consent Form
  • Transfusion History
  • Past History
  • Personal History
  • Details of Previous Hospitalization/Treatments
  • Previous Non Hematolgical Illness
  • History of present illness
  • Past Treatment History
  • Chief Complaints
  • Genetic Risks
  • Medical Condition
  • Examinations
  • Lymphadenopathy(cms)
  • ECOG Score
  • Organ Scoring For Chronic GVHD
  • Gyneco/Obstetrics
  • Pregnancy Detail
  • Bed Detail
  • Notes and Reports
  • Doctor Visits
  • Monitoring Sheets
  • Outside Investigations
  • Histopathological / Cytological Data
  • Immunologicals
  • Culture
  • Biochemistry
  • BM Examinations
  • Coagulogram
  • Viral Markers
  • Hypercoaguable State work ups
  • Collagen and auto-immune workup
  • Haemolytic Parameters
  • PNH Work up
  • Myeloma work ups
  • Radiology
  • Nutritional Profile
  • ABG
  • Hemogram
  • Body Fluid Analysis
  • Request Investigations
  • Other Investigation
  • Post Mortem
  • Discharge Advices
  • Procedures
  • Treatment Details
  • Complications
  • Presumptive Diagnosis
  • Diagnosis
  • Chemotherapy
  • Bone Marrow Studies
  • Transfusion Details
  • Engraftment data
  • Febriles
  • HLA
  • Harvest details
  • Transplant Data
  • GVHD Prophylaxis used
  • Discharge Summary
  • Patient Documents
  • Patient Videos
  • Patient Images
  • Consultation

How It Helps

  • Cancer screening biopsies, bone marrow biopsy, endoscopic biopsy, needle biopsy, skin biopsy, surgical biopsy, biopsy analysis, and results, etc.
  • Treatment templates: immunotherapy, radiation therapy, targeted therapies, transplantation, bone marrow transplantation, and peripheral blood stem cell transplantation; angiogenesis inhibitors, hyperthermia in cancer treatment, lasers in cancer treatment.
  • Education module to educate patients.
  • Prescription module with pre-loaded medicine.
  • customized SOAP note templates; ICD-10 coding support.

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