Telemedicine has been recognized as an innovative method of delivering healthcare services. This new model uses technological advancements in digital communications to provide healthcare services remotely, removing the requirement to see medical centres in person. Telemedicine is gaining significant popularity due to recent events worldwide highlighting the need for accessible and practical solutions to healthcare.


Nowadays, Clinics are more popular than hospitals when patients suffer from minor ailments and for certain specialties. The growth of clinics is increasing rapidly because of ease of access, less waiting time, and pocket-friendly.

A visit to the hospital is typically the first thing that comes to our minds when sick, and the specialized clinics and general health centres in remote areas play a crucial role in supplying healthcare in areas where accessibility to hospitals might not be easy.

Introduction: ITS Dental college

ITS Dental College, Hospital & Research Centre is situated in an Institutional Area (Knowledge Park III) of Greater Noida, U.P. ITS Dental College is well known as the best dental college in India.

The college is a self-financed institution, recognized by the Dental Council of India, Ministry of Health & Family Welf...

Radiology Information Systems are a vital part of modern healthcare. They streamline the management and care of patients by simplifying radiological data. Integration of RIS into other healthcare systems can be a complicated but necessary process. We'll look at some key tips to ensure a seamless integration of RIS and the best possible patient outcomes.

Patient data has been the top priority of healthcare professionals in this digital healthcare era. Massive cyber-attacks require innovative strategies to protect patients and sensitive healthcare information, and cloud technology is the best option/method for revolutionizing the landscape of patient data security.

In this blog, we discuss al...