How technology play a role as a preventive healthcare tool?

Technological innovations in healthcare have implemented much smoother communication within healthcare organizations. Medical professionals can now deploy media essentials i.e., video, online chat platforms and real-time meeting capability to communicate and progress the increase of knowledge in the field. Electronic medical records in-house are handy by all relevant departments and care providers. This results in enhanced case management, treatments, and patient recovery.

Earlier, medical information from visits to the General Practitioner (GP), medical specialist, associated health professionals, and the dentists were held in split locations with diverse health practitioners and hospitals. EMR allows all patient histories, test results, diagnoses and appropriate information to be amassed centrally in an online location. The data allows for more accurate and prompt care as well as the facility to see health trends for each individual. Medical billing systems allocate hospitals, clinics and medical practices to run much more efficiently.

Today, more emphasis is placed on health technology and preventive care, new solutions guarantees to connect patients in taking control of wellness and disease obstacle by using interactive, patient-oriented technology that works with information from physicians’ electronic health record systems (EHR). There are various key transformations that the Healthcare Industry is currently experiencing. They are focusing on discovering patients’ behavioral requirements and their digital preferences. Industry specialists are also calling this as the ‘Retailization’ of the healthcare industry.

Similarly, Artificial intelligence (AI) is rooting out medical experts at an unbelievable pace. AI-generated outputs can maintain health records, synthesize drugs or determine treatment course, much quicker and without human intervention. So, bearing in mind that the global healthcare industry has been enduring numerous changes in a bid to provide accessible, cost-effective, and quality patient care, superior and cutting edge technologies are being developed to assist the industry cope with these changes. From enhanced operational competence to standards in patient care, the healthcare conversion has improved healthcare experience for both patients and medical professionals with the help of AI.

Some tech-friendly preventive healthcare tools


Mobile devices and wireless devices utilized in healthcare application are known as mHealth. The tools and services that come under mHealth can be pretty varied and so are their applications in preventive medicine. As illustrated Apps, remote sensing, texts, GPS, wearable devices, social media applications, wireless devices, biometrics and last but not least, adaptive intervention technologies are sub-technologies that comes under mHealth.

Online healthcare records

Keeping a track of medical records is a tiresome job and if the information is in numerous places. The task gets tough when working with several doctors to address several health issues. EHR allocate users to uphold their personal health records, past appointments, test results, prescriptions etc. and assist them to keep a record of things. A lot of applications and online services are obtainable to make the job of organizing this information in an easy way.

Better medicine, equipment, and treatment

It is quite obvious that as we move ahead into the age of technology, a number of benefits are been seen. Many would think that improved healthcare is the greatest consequence to come from technology. Better equipment has permitted doctors to provide ample care. Better treatments have augmented the quality of life of different people suffering from long-term illnesses. And improved medicine has completely wiped out the fright of some life-threatening illnesses. It has also helped speed up research around the world.

Henceforth, it's apparent that technology is giving the health care industry a much-required upgrade, from medical translation tools to mobile apps that facilitate patients’ live healthier lives and these tools are very helpful in every way as far as technology and healthcare are concerned across the world.


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